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The new RPA process discovery software for consultants

Automate interview-based process discovery and validate business cases faster with Nika.


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Nika is the new way of automating process discovery based on interviews instead of mining

Process Mining is broken. It’s more critical than ever to get an end-to-end view of your processes. But we’ve lost our way by optimizing around big data & event logs instead of people.

It’s time to change! Let's focus on the people who do the actual workflows. They are the ones who know the specifics of the tasks and process steps best.

Chatbot-driven process interviews

Our chatbots interview your client’s employees in a personalized, people-friendly way - and automatically capture process details with video recordings. 

End-to-end process mapping

Nika automatically detects handover points and conducts interviews with everybody involved in the process. This enables Nika to map processes end-to-end across the entire organization.

Automatic process analysis & scoring

Quickly triage process ideas and decide which are worth pursuing, Nika analyses each incoming process interview and scores them regarding the business impact and technical risk of development.

Ready to automate process discovery based on interviews instead of mining?

RPA growth in the future will only come from process discovery

Choosing the right process for automation can be complicated, time-consuming, risky, and still necessary to make RPA a success.

Why process discovery is essential for RPA growth?

Learn why Process Discovery is essential for RPA success

How to scale interview-based discovery?

Learn how to run interview-based process discovery at scale.

Reduce the cost of process discovery

Find out what you can save by automating process discovery with Nika.

This is how Nika works

Interview task owners with chatbots

Nika’s chatbot conducts automated interviews using the existing communication platform of the company (e.g. MS Teams), meaning your analyst team has more time to make in-depth assessments of qualified process candidates, and move those candidates to validated business cases. 

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Features - Illustration - Video.png

Document tasks with video screen capture

Nika can create video documentation of the process through screen recording and puts all process details together into RPA documents (e.g. IPA, PDD).

Visualize processes with end-to-end mapping

Nika’s chatbot intelligently interviews every task owner involved in a process and generates visual end-to-end process maps.

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Features - Illustration - Documentation_

Get management buy-in with validated business cases

Shorten time to value by moving more RPA business cases through the pipeline faster. Nika analyses and scores each process candidate for you, helping your analysts decide which ideas worth developing (ROI).

RPA Development Solutions - Illustration
more automation tasks analyzed


more qualified RPA opportunities 


clarity on what to automate


Process Discovery has changed

Learn more about the new way of running interview-based process discovery

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