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Stop failing half of your RPA initiatives

Choosing the right process for automation can be complicated, time-consuming, risky …and still necessary to make RPA a success. That’s why we made Nika - a tool for the whole team to find viable processes in less time.

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Your analysts don’t have time to analyze every process manually.

Your analysts need to stay focused on the processes you already selected. You need to free them up from doing the initial analysis of all possible automation ideas.

Your employees feel left out of the RPA initiatives.

A black-box approach of RPA not only fuels fear of automation but reduces the number of ideas employees submit. Therefore, it’s vital to get your employees involved as early as possible.

Your process mining tools give you a ton of data but limited insights.

These tools can generate a large quantity of raw data but it still needs to be analyzed. What you need is a clear understanding of the processes, why & how your employees are executing it.

Running process discovery the old way is harming your ROI

Meet Nika, the new way of running process discovery at scale

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Automatically collect, document & validate process details at scale.


Free-up your analysts time with people-friendly chatbots


Automatically capture process details with video recordings at scale


Automatically generate RPA Documents (e.g. IPA, PDD)


Identify quicker & validate more reliably your best automation ideas

Manage your process discovery pipeline efficiently.


Centralized process discovery pipeline management.


Automatic idea prioritization by automation readiness & ROI. 


Pipeline health analytics & reporting.

RPA initiatives fail - management tools.
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Put your employees in the driver's seat by making idea submission easy & accessible.


Idea submission on a familiar surface (e.g. MS Teams, Slack) in form of simple conversations


Anyone can submit high-quality ideas even without any RPA knowledge


Submitters are automatically informed and updated


A democratized idea submission approach will significantly increase automation adoption

Guarantee you're not missing high impact RPA opportunities.

Nika is freeing up your analysts from doing initial process analysis and even saves them 50% of the time on deeper process validations.


more automation ideas analyzed

Nika automatically does the initial process analysis of all incoming automation ideas.


more qualified RPA opportunities 

Nika helps analysts do more in-depth assessments, including video screen recordings of the particular process.


clarity on what to automate

Nika helps increase ROI by finding & prioritizing automation opportunities better.

Ready to try Nika?


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