Key Features

Interview employees at scale

Use Nika's chatbots integrated into your existing communication platform (e.g., MS Teams) to automatically interview employees at scale, saving your analysts time & energy.

Document processes automatically

Nika's central RPA documentation hub will automatically generate production level RPA Process Documentation (e.g., IPA, PDD). Based on the interviews done by Nika's chatbots, the documentation will include user actions, apps used, implementation risk assessment, etc.

Record process videos with privacy in mind

Automatically video document every process step by step with Nika. No need to install any new software. Videos are recorded voluntarily through existing communication platforms (e.g., MS Teams) and can be stored on-premise.

Speed-up process harmonization

Nika can discover and merge similar process ideas to help analysts create harmonized processes faster across the entire organization.

Create custom interviews 

Customize Nika's RPA specific interview questions or create your custom script with unlimited questions and a custom scoring system tailored to your needs.

Get automatic process analysis & scoring

Nika automatically analyses and scores incoming process ideas regarding their business impact (business score) and technical risk of development (technical score). This will help your analysts quickly triage the idea and decide which ideas are worth developing (ROI).

Track your process discovery pipeline health

Track your pipeline's health through Nika's report dashboard, where you can see the state of every incoming process ideas, their potential throughput, and identify the hotspots in the company where quality ideas emerge.

Integrate with existing chat tools (MS Teams, Slack)

Nika chatbots run interviews on MS Teams or Slack and require no installation on any user machine.

Analysts can access reporting and management tools in an easy-to-use web interface, accessible via your company account via Single Sign-On.

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Nika is a proud member of the Cloudstorm product family. Cloudstorm is a successful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company helping businesses with RPA process discovery, end-to-end RPA Service, and on-demand RPA Developers.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 823219.



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