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An easier, more efficient way for RPA process discovery

You could get buried in data. Or you could get validated processes for RPA with Nika.

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Automated interviews at scale

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Automatic capture of key process & task details

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Auto-detecting similar tasks & processes

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Automated ROI scoring for more informed decisions

The side of your processes that Process Mining tools are seeing

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The side of your processes that is invisible for Process Mining tools.

Process Mining can only see the tip of the iceberg. 

Nika gives you complete process insights

Process Mining looks only at the tip of the iceberg - it only collects data from your enterprise software systems. Work which is done in desktop tools like Excel doesn’t produce system logs & hence is invisible to Process Mining tools.


Nika makes these hidden tasks visible. Our chatbots dive deeper into your processes & help you to capture process details from the people who are doing the work, day in, day out.

Nika makes your process analysis easier, not more complex

Process Mining tools generate a high volume of process logs - raw data, which data engineers & analysts need to analyze to understand the processes in detail.


Nika's process documentations help to clearly understand what the process is all about & why & how your employees execute it.

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Nika automatically

documents process details from employees

No consultants needed to go back & forth with employees to interview & document processes.


Our chatbots ask the right questions, take screenshots, record videos, & put everything together into an RPA-ready & shareable process documentation.

Low-touch solution with minimal install & infrastructure needs

Nika integrate seamlessly into Microsoft Teams or Slack, etc ensuring 10x more engagement from your employees. Your IT will love it as it's a low-touch solution that requires no heavy IT support or additional training, in a familiar interface your employees are already using.

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Ready to try Nika?


Why choose Nika over Process Mining?

As a Process Mining alternative, Nika makes it easy to get results from day one. Take a look at the chart below to see how Nika compares to Process Mining platforms.

With Nika
Process Mining

Understanding Process Bottlenecks

Understand bottlenecks in your processes & identify automation opportunities.

Complete Process Knowledge

Capture all tasks & processes including work that is done on desktop tools like Excel.

Auto-generated PDDs

Automatically collect all the info from employees to proceed with your automation without interruption.

Low touch implementation

Simply integrate with Microsoft Teams or Slack to get started fast & easy.

Without privacy issues

A tool without privacy issues & that engages your employees to be part of your initiatives.

Process Discovery Automation

Replace manual process investigation with automated process discovery technology.

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