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The RPA Process Discovery Playbook for Consultants

Collect automation ideas fast and validate them even faster. Our RPA Process Discovery Framework offers consultants a new way to automatically collect, document, and validate automation ideas at scale.

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Implementing RPA isn't the problem.

You're under pressure to deliver new successful RPA projects month-over-month. Implementing RPA is always a challenge but manageable. The real problem is finding 'automation-ready' processes. Choosing the wrong processes can cause the entire automation initiative to fail. 

So to scale RPA successfully, you need to find a way to identify well-defined processes with
well-structured data regularly. And all of this ideally without spending hundreds of hours on process discovery interviews, workshops, etc.

Luckily, there is a new way to solve this: The Conversational Process Discovery framework offers a new way to collect, document, and validate automation ideas at scale.

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Inside this guide you will discover:


How to identify and prioritize processes at scale - and fully remote.


How to conduct process interviews without hiring several new analysts.


How a democratized idea submission approach will significantly increase automation adoption.


How to ensure you're automating the right processes that transform the entire business.

Get the RPA Process Discovery Playbook

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Perfect for consultants & analysts.

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