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How to scale RPA: 

Free webinar from Cloudstorm on the challenges of delivering robots at scale. 

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Key Topics

Does your team already have some robots in production? Have you delivered the proof of concept solution to your company or your customers? Did your team already automate the low-hanging fruits?


Then your next challenge is:


How do I build a  pipeline with 100 automated processes?


The challenges you will face are:


  • How to find and identify the right processes in a large organization?

  • How to manage process assessment efficiently in order to be able to select the candidates with the best ROI?

  • How to build automation business cases for your sponsors or customers?

  • How to manage demand with a limited pool of analysts and developers?


The bottleneck for almost all of the challenges related to the scalability of RPA is in connection with process discovery.  


During this 1 hour long webinar, you can learn about new approaches and methods that could help you in the process discovery phase, the most crucial part of automation projects.


It's time to move past the first few robots. Scale up your automation efforts now!

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Your host, Mihály Rozner is the CEO and Founder of Cloudstorm.

The robotic process automation company behind the conversational process discovery tool, Nika.

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