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Process discovery is the bottleneck for the success rate and long-term scalability of RPA projects. However, running traditional process discovery through manual tasks like workshops, process assessment, and documentation reduces the ROI of the entire project.

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Adjust the default duration a consultant spends on the following steps of the process discovery path!*

Time spent on Engagement

First contact between consultant and client or SME, discussing the automation idea shortly, aligning on the next steps, scheduling meetings, etc.

30 minutes

90 minutes

Time spent on Process Interview

Understanding the process through a personal or remote conversation between the consultant and the client or Subject Matter Expert.

1 hour

4 hours

Time spent on Assessment & Validation

Understanding the process through a personal or remote conversation between the consultant and the client or Subject Matter Expert.

30 minutes

60 minutes

Time spent on Capture

Visual documentation and detailed investigation of the process, including deep exploratory discussions with the Subject Matter Expert. Besides understanding every step of the process, business, and system exceptions, input, and output data are discovered as well.

1 hour

4 hours

Time spent on PDD Creation

Filling out the PDD template, including data referring to potential savings. Creating and inserting screenshots from the video documentation, step-by-step documentation of the process, including exceptions and the annotation of the process.

8 hours

24 hours

Time spent on Revalidation & Review

Technical revalidation, business review, and final evaluation of the process based on the PDD.

1 hour

4 hours

*Our calculator is based on industry-standard progress and resource requirements of RPA projects, assuming traditional, consultancy-based process discovery.


Don't spend more time and money!

Instead of spending more effort on manual process discovery, Nika will automatically collect, document & validate process details at scale.


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